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On this page we would like those who wish to attend the QA Hackathon 2013 to make their application.


Please tell us:

1. Your Name, Location you're travelling from, Mode of Travel to the event. (Please use the layout below this section)

2. Your sponsorship type:

The level of Sponsorship you require, this comes in three types:

  • Unsponsored attendee - will pay their own travel and accommodation costs but will receive free lunches and evening meals.
  • Part-sponsored attendee - Will pay own travel costs but will receive sponsored accommodation and food as unsponsored.
  • Full-sponsored attendee - Will have travel, food and accommodation sponsored.

3. What you intend to work on.

In previous years an unstructured approach to what was worked on was promoted, this year we intend to mix the bag a little by asking attendees to have a more structured approach if they are being sponsored, unsponsored attendees will be given a freer reign to attend and contribute on the fly. We hope to publicise the targets and the progress to the wider world.

This approach will help us have a target and focus for the Hackathon and hopefully encourage a greater level of sponsorship. As always this is a debate not a rigorous set of rules, please feel free to add comments about this to the Hackathon-Targets page.

4. Costs.

In order for us to gauge how much sponsorship to raise we will need a good idea of your expected costs. Please try to be conservative in your estimates but also make sure to find the most cost-effective mode of travel. The organisers are currently working on the accommodation and venue details for the Part and Full-Sponsored attendees.

Please place those on the Expenses page next to your name. Place any specific accommodation requirements on the Accommodation page and any specific catering on the Catering page.

As always we will appreciate any efforts that attendees can make to help towards the costs of the event. If you have a particular idea or wish to discuss it further then prod mdk or idn on irc.perl.org or in the #perl-qa channel.

Attendees List

Format: Name - irc Nick - Location - Mode of Travel (Please order alphabetically by last name)

Unsponsored -- will pay own travel/accomodation

Needs partial sponsorship (details)

  • Barbie - Barbie - Birmingham - Train or Car (would appreciate sponsored lodging)
  • Brand, H.Merijn - H.Merijn Brand (‎Tux‎) - The Netherlands - Car/Ferry (travel and lodging sponsored, food and drinks not)
  • Buss, Bruno - Bruno Buss (‎BBUSS‎) - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Plane (would appreciate sponsored lodging)
  • Keenan, James - James E Keenan (‎kid51‎) - New York, US - Plane: As I am working this into a vacation, I will cover the travel costs but would appreciate having lodging sponsored. Arrived Travelodge Rm 222 - Tue 09 April.
  • König, Andreas - user:andk - Berlin, Germany - would appreciate sponsoered lodging
  • Oliveira, Breno - user:garu - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Plane (would appreciate sponsored lodging)
  • Rabbitson, Peter - ribasushi +1 - Germany - Airfare (travel only, lodging generously sponsored by RSS AG)
  • Robinson, Jess - Jess Robinson (‎castaway‎) - Swindon, UK - Car, would appreciate sponsored lodging
  • Rehsack, Jens - user:rehsack - Germany - Plane (would appreciate having lodging sponsored)
  • Signes, Ricardo - Ricardo Signes (‎rjbs‎) - Pennsylvania, US - Plane; TPF has covered travel, but not lodging
  • Walde, Christian - Christian Walde (‎Mithaldu‎) - Hanover, DE - (would like to get travel/lodging sponsored)

Needs full sponsorship (details)

Sponsorship needs unknown

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