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Test::Smoke (H.Merijn Brand (‎Tux‎) & Abe Timmerman (‎abeltje‎))

  • Brought down the structure generation to the lowest possible level in order not to loose data and to pass as transparent as possible
  • Test::Smoke::Reporter now supports both old (mail) and new (gateway).
  • Most recent state can be loaded in the database
  • Database can be used to regenerate the report
  • Circle closed: new reports can be sent and received and reproduced
  • Sending optionally includes the complete log, which will be viewable in the gateway

perlsecret.pod (Philippe Bruhat (‎BooK‎))

  • Finished writing the manual page and added several operators
  • Completed the test script (and fixed the manual because of the tests)
  • Pushed the latest version from github to the book/perlsecret branch on the perl.git repository

Acme::MetaSyntactic (Philippe Bruhat (‎BooK‎))

HTTP::Proxy (Philippe Bruhat (‎BooK‎))

  • started to work on a Plack middleware to provide the same types of filters that HTTP::Proxy has

CPAN clients

cpanminus (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (‎miyagawa‎))

  • shipped v1.5009 with bug fixes
  • shipped v1.5010 with the new feature --test-only
  • garu has implemented CPAN test reporter tool for cpanminus
  • Added a support for cpanfile in cpanminus.
  • ... and now skips test dependencies if --notest is in use.

cpanfile (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (‎miyagawa‎))

  • Implemented the initial parser and shipped to CPAN as CPAN::cpanfile
  • discussed with rjbs about the possibility of supporting it in Dzil as a releaser

carton (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (‎miyagawa‎))

  • shipped v0.9.4 with the new carton bundle command

PATH consistency with PERL5LIB (Olivier Mengué (‎dolmen‎) and BinGOs, remotely)

CPANTS website (Kenichi Ishigaki (‎charsbar‎))

CPANTS (Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ (‎daxim‎))

See for code.

  • contacted to transfer to charsbar
  • pick charsbar's patches into github repos
  • close 8 bugs on RT and github
  • change tests to reduce barriers for adding new metrics
  • implement new metric: valid_signature
  • trial release Module-CPANTS-Analyse 0.86

CPAN Grep (user:dg)

Devel::Cover (Paul Johnson (‎pjcj‎))

  • I managed to release a version of Devel::Cover each day including the following changes:
    • Rework testing framework (Xavier Caron)
    • Add Vim report (based on discussion with Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
    • Add customisable thresholds to HTML reports (Xavier Caron)
    • Prefer JSON::XS for faster operation (Audrey Tang (唐鳳))
  • There's a lot of work on the documentation yet to be merged that has come from Pau Amma and Xavier Caron
  • Many useful discussions in person regarding future work

MetaCPAN::API::Tiny (Nicholas Perez (‎nperez‎))

  • Shipped a first release that makes use of core (or soon to be core) modules
    • Used in CPAN::Common::Index to implement the MetaCPAN API index

CPAN::Common::Index (Nicholas Perez (‎nperez‎))

  • Began work on a common index class for to use to mitigate the amount of data necessary for the client to function.

Toolchain support modules (Leon Timmermans (‎leont‎))

Metacpan Updates (Matthew Horsfall (‎alh‎))

Test::More Updates (Matthew Horsfall (‎alh‎), Vincent Bachelier (‎geistteufel‎))

Devel::Cover (Paul Johnson (‎pjcj‎))

Benchmark::Perl::Formance (Steffen Schwigon (‎renormalist‎))

  • organized backup of my infrastructure and results DB
  • reworked reporting to codespeed (the graph rendering app)
  • rework details on the reuse of already built Perls and CPAN dependencies
  • review/rework/drop troublesome benchmarks
  • refreshed my collection of 100+ Perls to apply all those changes
  • dpath: new output format "flat" -- your friend in the metacpan json age

Carp (Vincent Bachelier (‎geistteufel‎))

Locale::Maketext (Vincent Bachelier (‎geistteufel‎))

Moose::Autobox (Vincent Bachelier (‎geistteufel‎))

Class::Method::Modifiers (Vincent Bachelier (‎geistteufel‎))

Test::SharedFork (Vincent Bachelier (‎geistteufel‎))

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