Paul Evans (‎LeoNerd‎)

  • delivered presentation "Perl in 2030" - slides (
  • fixed core perl bug Perl5 #22121
  • made perl 5.39.10 release perl-5.39.10
  • (along with the rest of the PSC) wrote the Perl section text for the next TPRF sponsor prospectus
  • started experimenting with `Syntax::Operator::Assign`, providing a new `:=` operator that might become home for an Ingy-inspired destructuring bind operator

Tina Müller (‎tinita‎)

  • Looked into 4 reported vulnerabilities for libyaml (as they could affect YAML::LibYAML). It turned out it was about two types of vulnerabilities (timeout, memory leak), but libyaml itself was fine. The fuzztesting code had mistakes and they have been fixed by my two PRs 11848 11840. So in the end there was no vulnerability, I learned some C and we have better fuzztesting now (hopefully)
  • Worked on the CPAN metadata/errata script to make information more accessible
  • Gave short talk about "Why the rest of the world doesn't understand perl module versioning"

H.Merijn Brand (‎Tux‎)

  • **LOTS** of useful discussions that would not have been possible on-line
  • Fix a bug in Configure present since 1999-07-25!
  • Streamline CPANSec activities with both PTS and MetaCPAN teams
  • Changes to Test::CVE based on mentioned discussions incl releases
  • Discuss future of Test::Smoke
  • Disable CORE stdio tests on real old systems where the tests do not test what they are supposed to test
  • Deal with stalled github issues Configure/meta related
  • Fix Test::Smoke report for shortened tests (where parts are skipped for a reason)


  • Migrated pause to a modern and supported operating system on a new VM and the latest version of Perl.
  • A ton of cleanup to the PAUSE codebase, deleting old and unused code.
  • A repeatable and easy system for installing PAUSE for development.
  • Fix for collation bug.
  • A ton of pending PRs have been merged and deployed.
  • Tweaked email configuration so it's less likely to go to spam folders.

Core Smoke Team

  • Dockerise CoreSmokeDB-API server and move the source to the metacpan-team
  • Dockerise CoreSmokeDB-Web server and move the source to the metacpan-team
  • Release version 1.82 of the Test::Smoke client

Paul Johnson (‎pjcj‎)

  • Discussed and decided on the new design for the cpancover infrastructure
  • Discussed plans for future infrastructure in conjunction with metacpan
  • Updated development processes, tooling and some code
  • Tested Devel::Cover against the most recent perl development releases
  • Reworked golden results based on v5.12 being the oldest supported perl version
  • Included test results for recent perl versions
  • Made two Devel::Cover releases
  • Updated the infrastructure for creating coverage worker containers
  • Prepared for using the latest full perl release in coverage containers
  • Started on containerisation the cpancover runner process