The hotel breakfast is included in the negotiated room price.


A Coffee-break will be provided on site by the hotel. It includes:

  • coffee, milk, teas, mineral water, orange juice
  • mini "pasteis de nata" (egg custard tarts)
  • petit fours and homemade cake
  • bread, cheese, ham
  • fruits of the season
  • yoghurt (natural and flavored)

If you rather have a proper meal, the hotel has a restaurant on site (but please note lunch is not included in your package, you'll have to pay for it yourself). Feel free to check out the many available restaurant options nearby (see "places to eat" below).


Wednesday, April 24 (Pre-summit meeting)

Breno, Philippe and Laurent will be waiting at the hotel lobby for everyone to arrive.

Then we'll go to Irish & Co (map), for a bite, starting from 7pm or so.

The hotel bar is another option, for those too tired to move. It stops serving at midnight, but the lobby stays open all night.

Friday, April 26 (Official Group Dinner)

The official group dinner will be held at Fabrica Braco de Prata (map).

It opens as 6pm, and the place is a cultural center full of things to do and see, so you may want to arrive early to enjoy it a bit more during daylight. Our dinner will be served in a private room from 8pm and we have the room up to 2am.

Places to eat, places to drink

Because only the Official Group Dinner will be taken care of, this means you'll be free to roam the city in small groups, looking for food or drinks.

The Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall (map) is only 500m away from the venue (~5 minute walk) and has a large food court on floor 2 with options for all tastes, with even more restaurants and places to eat scattered across other floors.

There are many, many other options to eat in the area, and the train/subway station is also a short walk (~5 min) away, giving you access to Lisbon's rich gastronomy scene.

We recommend you pay a visit to the Time Out Market (map) (known locally as "Mercado da Ribeira"), one of the world's largest gourmet food spaces with 26 restaurants, 8 bars, a dozen shops and a high-end music venue, and also some of the city's best known (and longest-running) market vendors of meat, fish, fruit and flowers.

We'll offer suggestions on site, too.

Typical Drinks

  • Ginjinha - a very traditional, cherry-like liqueur. The best place to drink/buy them is the "A Ginjinha", a historic open-fronted bar in Rossio (Sao Domingos / St. Dominic Square) (website, map)
  • Vinho do Porto (Port Wine) - a strong (19-22% alcohol) and naturally sweet wine from grapes available only on the northern part of Portugal. It became known as "Port" because the wine went to that city to be exported world wide. You can get it pretty much anywhere, but if you're into wine tasting you can check out Taylor's Wine Shop and Tasting (website, map). Taylor is one of the oldest Port brands in the world.

Typical Food

Typical cuisine revolves around Bacalhau (Codfish), and lots of pork and beans. There are many restaurants offering typical portuguese meals, from the great cheap dishes of Maca Verde to the beautiful and traditional Casa do Bacalhau to the high end sophistication of the 2-star Michelin Alma.

* D'Bacalhau has a good selection of Cod dishes. Robert thought the one he had for lunch was pretty good.
* Dote ( had ok food, and a bit of variety: Everything from steak, to Bacalhau, to salads, or other vegetarian dishes.

Sweets and Pastries

Portuguese cuisine has a lot of sweets made of eggs (including the famous "pastel de nata", an egg curstard tart). If you want to try the real thing, biggest contestants are Pastelaria de Belem (as traditional as it gets, this is where the recipe came from and the only place where they can be called "Pastel de Belem") and Manteigaria. If you can, try both and let everyone know your verdict!

Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurants

  • Legumi Sushi Vegan (website, map) a tiny restaurant serving amazing japanese food like gyoza, maki, sushi, tempura with vegan ingredients . They have takeout/delivery options, and even an "all you can eat" menu.
  • Vegan Junkies (website, map) if you're into burguers, wraps and snacks, you'll feel right at home.
  • Panda Cantina (map) has a great tofu ramen! (can get crowded)
  • Honest Greens (website, map) very close to the hotel (just past the shopping mall), great atmosphere, great healthy food for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.
  • Da Terra (map, menu) another option really close to the hotel. Much less sophisticated than the ones above, but still a good buffet (that changes daily!) and even desserts, all 100% free of animal products.