Perl QA Hackathon 2010 in Vienna

What is the QA Hackathon?

A free of charge coding workshop for people involved in Quality Assurance, testing, packaging, CPAN, and other related projects. Though not necessarily exclusive to Perl projects, many of the attendees will be planning to work on projects with a direct benefit to the Perl language.

The Vienna QA Hackathon is a follow up to the Birmingham QA Hackathon 2009 which was a follow up to the 2008 QA Hackathon held in Oslo, which were both a great success by the Perl and Open Source communities, as well as the attendees. When and where is it happening?

The hackathon will be a 3 day event, taking place from Saturday, April 10th to Monday, April 12th 2010 in Vienna, Austria.

Latest News

07/04/10 Update Ⅱ

Only a few days left until the hackathon starts - hope you are as excited as we are!

We wish to mention and appreciate another sponsor, OBVSG, the association of libraries in Austria.

If you want to coordinate with your fellow hackers for travelling from the airport into the city, add yourself to Arrivals.

Furthermore, as usual, there's a pre-conference get-together. If you'd like to attend, see the details at Schedule.

27/03/10 Update

The hackathon will start in ~ 2 weeks, so here's a quick update on our status:

  • We have a new sponsor: Yay! pst++
  • Unfortunately David Golden, Ricardo Signes and Barbie can not make it.
  • We accepted two last-minute requests from Miyagawa‎ and Gabor Szabo.
  • There was a tiny problem with the hotel, which luckily got spotted by Ovid. We have fixed that problem now.
  • We will meet next week (during the monthly meeting which will from now on take place on the first Thursday each month) to discuss the agenda etc.

We're all very much looking forward to the event!

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