The hotel breakfast is included in the negotiated room price.


Lunch and snacks will be served on site.


Wednesday, April 26 (Pre-summit meeting)

On Wednesday, April 26, Philippe and Laurent will be waiting at the hotel lobby for everyone to arrive.

Then we'll go to L'Épicerie de Ginette (map), for tartines, starting from 7pm or so.

The hotel bar is another option, for those too tired to move. It stops serving at midnight, but the lobby stays open all night.

Thursday, April 27

On Thursday evening, we will split the group in two smaller groups for dinner.

One group will go to a traditional Lyon restaurant("bouchon") Chez Paul and the other group will visit a restaurant at the other end of the spectrum, Les Mauvaises Herbes (vegetarian).

Please, indicate which restaurant you prefer:

Chez Paul

  • ...

Les Mauvaises Herbes

  • ...

Friday, April 28

The official group dinner organized by the summit, at the Italian restaurant Veronatuti,

We've booked for all the participants.

Places to eat, places to drink

Because not all dinners will be taken care of, this means you'll be free to roam the city in small groups, looking for food or drinks.

The shopping mall next to the train station has a large food court on the top floor, which is only a selection of all the places offering food in the area (they list 60 restaurants on their website).

We'll offer suggestions on site, too.